Today we buy sweets and food for the families. Then we visit the local kindergarten with attached orphanage. There are currently 10 children in care and we are warmly welcomed. The orphanage receives support from the state. Accommodation and food is provided, but there is simply not enough money for everything else. We take up what is needed, Stephan notices that the office PC is well over 10 years old. Maybe we could use one of the Talos laptops here. At the moment we need new bed linen, blankets and towels because the children are freezing.

Before we visit the families, the car of the host family has to be repaired, two tires lose air. This takes about 15:00 o’clock and we are ready to visit the first families.

Family visit: Family from Tiraspol

The Telenesti family. They moved from Tiraspol to Racciola. Their house was burnt down and they got a house from the people here. It was in a bad condition but the father managed to get it halfway comfortable within a year. The father is a skilled craftsman. We consider whether he could use his skills on a construction site.

Family visit: Family in Paulesti

Afterwards we go on to the family in Paulesti. We could just finance their “new” house. We look at the “new” house. We like above all the much land and some vines belong to it. Here the family can grow their own food and there is also enough space and food for the animals. The land is overgrown with bushes and trees but the three boys can already help to gain arable land. The house is about the same size as the existing one and in a better condition. It has electricity and a well. We agree with the owner on 3’000 Euro and pay the 100 Euro notary fees in cash. The family is very much looking forward to the new house and starts immediately with the most necessary repairs to be able to move in before winter.

We spend a quiet evening with our host family and take the opportunity to go through the accumulated receipts of the last year.