Early in the morning we receive a call from the orphanage. The housekeepers couldn’t turn on the heating yesterday. The children had a very cold night, some of them wet their beds. We discuss what could best be done. We order the blankets and bedspreads and will pick them up right away.

Today an unpleasant cold wind blows all day long, the temperature differences between calm and wind phases are violent! We start walking and are warmly welcomed in the Titus Youth Centre. The children are very happy about the paper prints of last year’s photos. And of course we are immediately asked if we have these Cailler Branches chocolates with us again. Of course we have. Together with the chocolate we give away crayons and drawing materials. It is nice to see the glow in the eyes of the children.

Then we visit the orphanage. We are received enthusiastically and Stephan is kidnapped by a little boy to play. He still manages to take some photos of the handing over of the Talos laptop and the bed linen. We bring some more cake for the children. Also this night the heating is not switched on by the community. It is not cold enough yet and there is almost no money for heating. Stephan notices a girl, it was not there yesterday yet. Yes, a new entry confirms the director.

The Titus Parents‘ Evening is typical for the splendidly chaotic Moldavian way. It’s a comming and going, phoning and the 20 children do the rest. I am sure that not everything was understood. We learn about the George Soros Development Program that has just started in Moldova. It includes courses to prepare people for self-employment. There are simply not enough paid jobs in Moldova. We urgently need entrepreneurs. This program is probably the best that could have happened in the region. It provides important information about business idea, business plan, accounting etc.. Another part of the program teaches children basic financial skills.