Since we are on holiday, we think that a small visit can’t hurt. We decide for the famous rock monastery of Orhei. The Orthodox Church is an important part of Moldavian culture. This explains why the whole family wants to join. The monastery is very small and stands on a hill that offers a wonderful view of the whole plain and the river. A beautiful new church stands a few hundred meters from the ancient monastery. It is completely carved into the rock. Apart from the tower nothing is visible from the outside. We are impressed by what the monks created here and how simple they lived.

Family in Bocanceaschit
The walls of the house are completely finished, the building material for the roof has already been delivered. Unfortunately the father could not continue with the construction because he is on a distant pasture with the animals. The mother found work in a German cable company, they pay a fair wage. Our Family could already afford two new doors from her wage. So all in all good news. In order to finish the house, windows and doors would still be necessary and the ceiling would have to be concreted. The father can surely continue to work until summer 2019. Then we will see if we still have money in our account to contribute something.

Family in Telenesti
The mother has had a child, the little one is sweet as sugar. The house now has now a bathroom and an equipped kitchen. We notice that it is cosy and warm, even without heating. The new insulation works very well. They got 3 goats as a present from the church. Their husband has already started to build a stable. He seems to be very skilled with wood. A beautiful swing adorns the front garden. We recommend that he should start his own business as a carpenter. We could certainly contribute a starting fee for tools. He was able to find a job in the Czech Republic and has been away for a few days. There was no work here and the family is already two loan payments in delay.