Titus School
A shared lunch and the handover of the laptop to Maria were the highlights of the visit. Maria is very happy and we learn that she had a furuncle on her right leg. The treatment will be finished soon and the surgery can be scheduled for November.

Then we visit two new families in Telenesti. For privacy reasons we do not publish names on the web. Since we will be looking after more families in Telenesti in the future, we will assign a number to the families.

Family 002 Telenesti
Grandmother has taken in her granddaughter. The girl became young pregnant and the father denies everything. Her parents have rejected her and do not want to take care of the unemployed mother. Her Grandparents have a house and the land provides enough food. The condition of the summer house is OK according to Moldavian standards. There is no running water. The winter house consists of two rooms, it is narrow and dark but warm. The young mother is trained as a seamstress and would like to work in Telenesti. She believes she can find enough customers with a sewing machine. The cheapest machine would cost about 100-150 Euro. We would be very happy about a donor who would give the young woman a start into a better future.

Family 003 Telenesti
The unemployed mother sent her husband away. He was an alcoholic and violent. Since then she takes care of the 4 children on her own. The house is OK and belongs to her sister, she does not know how long she can still live there. The family has no food because the cow has just died. The mother wants a horse to make transports and a cow. A horse would cost 1’000 € and a cow 500 €.