How quickly time flies, it was just summer and everyone told me about their great holidays and now I’m already in the middle of preparing the trip for the annual Moldova trip.

As always I have a lot of trouble with packing, the photo equipment seems to get heavier from year to year and the presents for the children already claim half of the suitcase. Here a big thank you to the donor of the colored pencils.

It is time to look back, together we have achieved a lot in the past year:

  • With the Christmas donations 2017 we were able to support 3 families with food and clothes: Link
  • Also last winter we could help out with firewood Link
  • Natalia’s family has now completely plastered her house, installed a kitchen and supplemented it with two heaters. Thanks to our participation in the construction loan, the father was able to return from Russia earlier: Link
  • In the spring campaign we were able to provide for 5 families: Link
  • Our farmer family was able to continue building the house. Right now we are working on the roof: Link
  • The new heating of the Titus Youth Centre has survived the first winter without any problems.
  • For Maria we have found doctors who are ready to operate on her. It was planned that the operation would take place during the summer holidays, unfortunately she is not quite healthy and has to take medication. Link

Many thanks to all of you, you have made this possible.

For the next year we have set ourselves a lot of goals. We want:

  • To support 4 additional families permanently, partly we need dental care and medication.
  • complete the house renovations in Bocanceaschit and Telenesti
  • Accompanying Maria’s operation
  • Installing a fire detector and fire extinguishing system in the Titus School
  • One project is particularly urgent:

Our family in Paulesti is soon homeless. Their landlord wants to build a new house. We must act immediately:

  • A neighbours house is for sale, it costs 3’000 €.
  • We want to buy it and equip the family with some building material

We have already received a donation of 2’200 CHF for the purchase, so there is still about 1’500 CHF missing. We want to provide a warm home the 3 children and a fair chance for life.

Together we should be able to finance the 1’500 CHF. It would be nice if we could surprise you on our October visit.

We would be very happy to receive a small donation. More information and pictures about the project can be found at:

I will publish my travel report at the beginning of November under Trips to Moldova.

Thank you for your support

Stephan Posti, Member of the Association Board