Finally it starts, there was a lot to prepare and we can hardly wait to see our friends again. Stephan takes off at 06:55 with a Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt. The flight is quiet, but when we land the pilot has to take off, another plane could not leave the airfield in time. Since Stephan has two hours to change planes, the delay is not tragic. It is even enough for a breakfast before the plane to Chişinău is ready. Shortly after arrival in Chişinău Stephan is already standing at the baggage carousel waiting for his suitcases. After 10 minutes waiting the next band starts and some people from our plane take their luggage from band 2. Ok we all change to band 2. Interestingly enough the people from band 3 (Bucharest) also come to our band and take their suitcases from here. Logical reverse, the Frankfurt suitcase comes from the Bucharest band. Well the typical Moldavian chaos has us again. Stephan can’t resist a broad grin.

Stephan is warmly welcomed by Galina and the children of the family. Since we are already in Chişinău, we do some shopping and visit the McDonalds, children have the same interests everywhere. Afterwards a relative brings us to Telenesti.