In the morning we drive to Chişinău. Actually we wanted to take the minibus. But Stephan insists on a taxi. His cold causes him trouble. Taxis became more expensive by a change of the tax laws than last year. We pay for the 1st hour 30 min drive exactly 1000 Lei or 50 CHF. We have already got trips for 600 Lei before. In Chisinau the preparations for the annual wine festival have started, unfortunately parts of the centre are closed. There are traffic jams everywhere. We still have an interesting problem to solve: Galina’s family has to transfer the property of a deceased relative to the heirs. An adventurous odyssey through the well distributed offices in Chişinău begins. After three hours and 4 officials we are informed that the property is administered by the office in Calarasi. We are a bit annoyed because the authorities of Calarasi sent us to Chişinău .

The last evening in Moldova is a good opportunity to let the experienced review pass and to think about how we can improve ourselves:

  • Planning: Titus did not have the opportunity to organize the family visits because you did not know exactly on which days we would visit them. Next time we will plan our days roughly in advance and inform Titus and the families we are looking after accordingly.
  • Planning: Visits during the day have the disadvantage that most family members are not there at all. We will try to make more evening visits (disadvantage: photographing becomes more difficult in the dark).
  • Too long travel distances. Since the families are far apart, we spend hours in the car and then only have a few minutes for the visits.
  • The condition of the vehicles is very bad. One had no windscreen wipers and it had rained of course, the driver then urged us to shorten the visits because otherwise he could not guarantee for the return. Another vehicle had very bad lights and the driver did not want to drive in the dark. Taxis on the other side became much more expensive. Maybe a rental car for the whole week would make sense.
  • The helper also needs help. When Stephan checks the receipts, he finds that our helpers are actively helping and also contributing money, clothes, food etc.. The time required for the family care is high. At the same time the wages are very low, we have to discuss in the board if and how we can pay our people for their expenses.