Moldova is a former Soviet republic. It became independent at about the same time as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Baltic States are now flourishing states with a pleasing economic development. Things are very different in Moldova, the country is still far away from a well functioning society.

We are convinced that the key to the future of the country lies with the young people. A good education and the awareness of being able to shape one’s own destiny is the first step into a beautiful and livable Moldova

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Our Vision

Education makes the difference

Our Mission

We are a politically neutral and non-religious charity organisation. We want to improve children’s the living conditions. We achieve this through small targeted projects. We are mainly involved in children’s homes and schools.

Well-educated children are the key to a better future.



Our Values

  • We offer the same appreciation to everyone in need
  • We respect the religious views of people in need
  • We handle donations carefully
  • We are committed to a long term engagement in Moldova
  • We are a non-commercial charity organisation and do not seek profit.


Our Goals

  • We support Moldovan people in need
  • Children and young people are at the centre of our efforts
  • We help where we can.
  • We hire aid organizations to carry out projects on site
  • The charity organisation does public relations and operates a website



Implementation with projects

We achieve this goals through individual projects

  • Ramp up organizational structures and establish a relationship network in Moldov
  • Installation of second hand computers in schools
  • Care parcels
  • Support for orphanages



Fighting Corruption

We learned that other charities have more experience in fighting corruption than we have. Therefore, we decided to seek help and gain know-how through cooperation with charity organisations working for Moldova.