Maria is severely burned and in desperate need of a surgery

On our last trip to Moldova we met Maria. She is 13 years old and just started to visit our Titus school. Maria has severe scars on her face and on the whole left side of her body. As a baby Maria got accidentally burned severely with hot Water.

The scar tissue is now hindering normal growth and causes great pain. Especially now that Maria is reaching puberty, it is important to help her quickly or she has to go soon through great physical and mental pain. Or even worse there is the danger that she might be disabled for her whole life.

How can you help Maria?

Donate for Maria with the remark “Maria”.  We will keep you updated about Maria’s surgery and her recovery process.

As a doctor, please share your knowledge and commitment to Maria. If you can help, please write to and I will contact you immediately.

As a hospital or clinic: Please provide us with the resources necessary to produce Maria’s body so that she can lead a painless life without disability.  Please write to me at and I will get in touch with you.

Please help her!

We created this video on our last visit. Marias Mother explains her situation. She is a single Mom and barely able to provide enough food for both girls. A surgery is way out of her financial abilities.