Who we are

We are motivated and enthusiastic people behind the organization SOS Nachbar. We all live and work in Switzerland love Moldova and are socially committed

We stand for – Helping people to help themselves

Our ultimate goal is that the assistance provided is sustainable. Failed aid projects prove that it is not enough just to send money and relief supplies. People have to find their own livelihood.


The Executive Commitee

Stephan Posti


Administration and project coordination
Contact: Stephan.Posti “AT” SOSNachbar.ch

Galina Filip

Marketing, translations and local projects
Contact: Galina.Filip “AT” SOSNachbar.ch

Jürg Schneiter

Member support
Contact: juerg.schneiter “AT” SOSNachbar.ch

Michael Kamp

Member of the board
Contact: Michael.Kamp “AT” SOSNachbar.ch