The grandmother took in her granddaughter Ina. She became pregnant at a young age and her father denies everything. Her parents have rejected her and do not want to take care of her mother. The grandparents have a house and the land provides enough food. The condition of the summer house is OK according to Moldavian standards. There is no running water. The winter house consists of two rooms, it is narrow and dark. Ina has a training as a seamstress and would like to work in Telenesti. She believes she can serve enough customers with one sewing machine. The cheapest machine would cost about 100-150 Euros. We believe that Ina could earn enough money for her child with a sewing machine. What we have learned is that many children are the direct way into poverty. The mother has a realistic chance to pay for her child on her own.

What is needed:

  • Sewing machine for 150 €