The orphanage of Telenesti can accommodate a maximum of 12 children and is intended for short-term stays up to one year. At the beginning of October 11 children were accommodated there. The last access we got directly. A girl who could no longer stay in the family. The orphanage then tries to find a solution, such as placement in a foster family, a home or again in the family. The orphanage receives support from the city of Telenesti. Accommodation and food are provided, but the money is simply not enough for everything else. During our last visit we supplied bed linen. At the moment the following is urgently needed:

Need orphanage:
– Coal for heating (CHF 300.-)
– 10 pairs of shoes (CHF 250.-)
– A new carpet approx. 4 * 3.5 meters (approx. 150 CHF)

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