We help families in need

We would like to be able to provide help quickly and unbureaucratically in justified individual cases. Families in poor circumstances reach their financial limits when unexpected payments are made and are therefore in debt. The downward spiral begins to turn.
We are currently directly supporting six families.
You will find a description of the families on our Projects page.

We visit the families regularly and do 2 relief actions per year.

  • A spring action around Easter, the families have come well through the winter but in spring there is nothing more to eat, everything has to be planted first. Here food and hygiene articles stand in the foreground.
  • An autumn campaign at the beginning of school where we mainly need school supplies and clothes/shoes.

Additionally firewood is needed for the winter. Depending on the available budget we help in individual cases. Wood is expensive and costs about 100€ per family.

The Titus School supports another 4 families on our behalf.

Titus Family 012
Mother with three children, the electricity was switched off by the electricity company, the family cannot pay the bill. No running water. The house is in a very bad condition. No isolation, it must be very cold in winter. The father died in an accident. Vera did not overcome his death. Her brother died of a severe epilepsy. Her son also has epilepsy.

Titus Family 011
The father is a day labourer, mother Maria also has no job. The family lives in a rented house. The condition of the house is halfway ok, so compared to the other families, no running water. No electricity because the bill was not paid. One daughter Natascha has a mental handicap, she develops slower than normal. This is probably due to hunger.

Titus family 009
The family lives in a rented flat with an old woman who is ill and also needs help. The father of the children died at work, a wall collapsed. Mother Sina works as a cleaning woman in school and can hardly afford the food for her two daughters. Maria the girl with the burn wound lives here.

Titus Family 005
The single mother lives with her two children in a house for rent. Vera also works as a cleaning lady. The family hardly has enough to eat, so they have to get the firewood from the forest for the winter, this is illegal. The son doesn’t develop normally, he can’t coordinate his eyes and this is probably connected to the constant hunger.

What is urgently needed at the moment:

  • Firewood for the winter (300-400€)
  • Food for the Christmas campaign (500€)
  • Money to pay the electricity bills (150€)
  • We would like to extend our spring and autumn activities to these families (600€)