We have accompanied this family for 4 years now and much has changed for the better during this time.

The house was in a very bad condition and much too small for 14 people. It was partly burnt down and could only be repaired in a makeshift way, the ground is covered with mould and the windows are not tight. The walls and the roof are not insulated. Unfortunately the house has to be rebuilt. The farmer and his sons do not need any help with the reconstruction, but they cannot afford the building material.

Thanks to your help, a lot has happened since then. The foundation and walls of the house are completely finished, the building material for the roof has already been delivered. Unfortunately the father could not continue with the construction because he is on a distant pasture with the animals. The mother found work in a German cable company, you pay a fair wage. You could already afford two new doors from your wage. So all in all good news.

In order to finish the house, windows and doors would still be necessary and the ceiling would have to be concreted. The father can surely continue to work until summer 2019. Then we will see whether we still have money on the account to contribute something.

Otherwise would still be needed

  • Washing machine, detergent (200€)
  • Oil, pasta, sugar, simply what a farm cannot produce itself. (100€)