A success story

We have accompanied our protégés in Paulesti since the foundation of the association. In fact, they were the impulse to found a charity. The family consists of father, mother and the three boys. The parents have no regular work and the mother is handicapped. We took the family off the street 4 years ago and put them in an empty, dilapidated house.
In September 2018 we had the opportunity to buy a house with some land. The family has now moved into their new home.

What happens next?
The family has found a small livelihood, you were able to buy a horse, it enables you to carry out relief work and transports for neighbours. Horses have only advantages in this area, you can cope with the bad village roads and do not need expensive gasoline, food is everywhere. We are confident that our help will soon no longer be needed.

So that the family itself can provide for their livelihood we still need:

  • 200€ for tools to be able to carry out auxiliary work in the village.
  • 300€ for building material to make the house winter safe