We have accompanied this family for 5 years now and much has changed for the better during this time.

When we met Natalia, the handicapped mother could not maintain the old house, it was in a miserable condition. The house needed a general renovation. The walls had to be repaired immediately, otherwise the house would collapse.

A lot has happened since then:

  • We renovated the walls and installed windows and doors.
  • Natalia has found a new husband he is very skilled in crafts
  • We have continued to support the renovation of the house with money for building materials.

During our last visit in October 2018 we could notice many positive changes. Natalia’s daughter is now born and is sugar sweet. The house now has a bathroom and an equipped kitchen. We notice that it is cosy and warm, even without heating. The new insulation works very well. They got 3 goats as a present from the church. Her husband has already started to build a stable. He seems to be very skilled with wood. A beautiful swing adorns the front garden. We recommend that he should start his own business as a carpenter. We could certainly contribute a starting fee for tools. Her husband was able to find a job in the Czech Republic and has been away for a few days.

It’s time to let go, the family soon doesn’t need any help from us anymore. However, we want to help to build up an existence. As soon as the man with a business idea comes to us, we will carry out a final collection.

At the moment the following is needed:

  • Food (100€)
  • Money to pay off the building loan of the bank (500€)
  • Care products

Natalias husband has only been working for a few days and will not be able to transfer money immediately.