We are back from our Moldavia trip. Also this time we have had many wonderful experiences with the warm inhabitants of Telenesti. Some of our families have made great progress and will soon no longer need us. In contrast, we have met new families where the need is very great and help is urgently needed. But all in turn.

For our homeless family in Paulesti a solution had to be found immediately.
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In September 2018 we had the opportunity to buy a house with some land for 3’000 €. Through our fundraising campaign we were able to finance the whole amount. It was not necessary to use the reserves for the Christmas campaign.

On Monday 1st October 2018 we visited the family and looked at the „new“ house. We liked the land and even the grapevines. Here the family can grow their own food and there is also enough space and food for the animals. The land is overgrown with bushes and trees but there is enough time until spring to remove the bushes. The house is about the same size as the existing one but in a much better condition. We agree with the owner on a purchase price of 3’000 Euro and pay the 100 Euro notary fees in cash. As soon as the contract is finished we will transfer the money. The owner agrees that the family can move in immediately. The family is very much looking forward to the new house and starts immediately with the most necessary repairs.

What happens next?

Our family has found a small livelihood, they were able to buy a horse, it enables them to carry out auxiliary work and transports for neighbours. Horses have only advantages in this area, they can cope with the bad village roads and need no expensive gasoline, food is everywhere.

As landowners, our family is now officially resident in Paulesti. The community has to take care of the family. All in all only good news. We are confident that our help will soon no longer be needed. It is a nice feeling to be „superfluous“.

The board of the association thanks you for your help in buying a house. Without you this would not have been possible. Of course we will continue to report about the family.

Thank you very much

Stephen Posti