The center provides day care for disadvantaged children including: lunch, food, help with homework, activities, medical care and individual care. Currently we have 120 children visiting regularly, 80 more are on the waiting list.

  • Would you like to support a child on the waiting list? School costs for one child are 20 euros per month.
  • We urgently need to extend the old building to provide additional space for children on the waiting list.
  • A site around the corner would be suitable for the whole school. Cost estimate: 60’000 Euro.

Currently we need:

  • Vitamins for the 20 weakest children
  • New tables to meet the new hygiene regulations by the state
  • A large multi-function printer
  • Tablet with a good camera
  • A central NAS storage disk
  • A large freezer with a capacity of 200 litres
  • Five large cooking pots made of steel suitable for gas cookers
  • 2 Water filters
  • Coal for heating
  • Large industrial dishwasher
  • Large industrial oven
  • Complete fire alarm system
  • Lots of pencils and paper